The Anglès' have been settled in the City of Jonquerettes since 1650.


The domain du Bois de Saint Jean is the logical result of a succession of reconversion of the agricultural world.


1910 : The first vineyard appeared. Planted by the great-grandfather Joseph, this yard is still producing nowadays. It lies near the olive trees, as both are adapted to the poor soil.


1934 : Grand father Aimé took over the management of the farm.


1970 : Father Joseph made a reconversion because of the ageing of the dessert grapes vineyards.


1984 : Vincent set up his business ; year of trial for the wine making. The Domain du Bois de Saint Jean is not existing yet.

1986 : First wine storehouse, first wine-making process : 200 hl were elaborated. Creation of the Domain du Bois de Saint Jean.


1992 : Xavier joined his father Joseph and brother Vincent on the farm.


1995 : Production increasing through purchasing of old vineyards, construction of a wine storehouse of 2500 hl. Purchase of thermo regulated vats.


1997 : Creation of the company : EARL ANGLES Vincent et Xavier


2003 : Purchase of vineyards of Vacqueyras : 2.5 ha of vineyards classified under this appellation and produced its first bottle in 2004.


2012 : Purchase of vineyards of Vacqueyras : 2.5 ha of vineyards. Purchase of Vineyards of Châteauneuf du Pape : 0.37 hectares de Châteauneuf-du-Pape

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