Côtes du Rhône Red "Pur Cent" 2015

Grape-varieties : 16 grape-varieties

Age of vineyard : 107 years

The Story
« In May 1910, my great-great grandfather Joseph Requin planted the first vine of thevineyard, hundred years ago… I was born the 10th May 2010 and I whispered to my father Xavier and my uncle Vincent the idea to make a special wine with this vine. They said me there were 16 grape-varieties and that drives it mysterious.
I invite you to discover this Côtes du Rhône Red » .

All these varieties are 100% destemmed and the duration of
fermentation is 3 weeks, with several blackouts.
Wine is being bottled at the domain.

This wine accompanies all great meals, from the start of a meal to the desserts.

Harvest by hand
Température de Service : 15 °C    
Potentiel de Garde : 15 ans
Bottle “Anassa” from the company of Saverglass.

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