joseph requin

The first vine was planted in 1910 by Joseph Requin, the great grandfather of current wine producers. Collection of grape varieties from the Rhône Valley, this vine is still in production.
Not far from Avignon, the Anglès family vineyard is steeped in history. While walking in its parcels, one can find there papal markers used to delimit the territory of the popes.

Vincent and his father Joseph

Until the early 2000s, the Anglès family was in polyculture; fruit trees (apple, plum, pear, ...), table grapes. In 1970, Joseph undertook a conversion following the aging of table grape vines. Vincent moved in 14 years later, this is the trial year for wine making.

First Winery

Over the generations, the vines and olive trees have gained ground.
Logical result of a succession of reconversion of the agricultural world, the first winery with a capacity of 400hl was built in 1986.

Xavier joins the estate

Xavier officially joined his father Joseph and his brother Vincent on the vineyard in 1992. A tasting cellar was then built.

Mado Anglès

Mado welcomes and sells to individuals in the tasting cellar.

The New Winery

The limits of the first winery were quickly reached and led to the construction of an additional winery with a capacity of 3000hl in 1995. A new very modern cellar for this time.

The Anglès Brothers

Peasants, producers or winemakers, the Anglès brothers are passionate and like to transmit their love for their profession.

A story is hidden behind each cuvée's name and if you question them, they will be happy to share them with you.

Sophie joins the team

Sophie started at the Domaine du Bois de Saint Jean during the 2018 harvest. She ensures the sale at the cellar, the administration, the France & Export trade and the tastings.