Côtes du Rhône Red Voulongue" 2015

Surface of the vineyards: 1.5 Ha

Production: 40 hl/ha

Vineyards: The special vintage “Cuvee de Voulongue” was born in the year 2000.
It will only be produced in the years when the potential of phenol of the Grenache will be optimum.
Vines are selected from out 50 years old Grenache vineyards, cultivated on a soil made out of rolled pebbles.

Vineyard age: 60 years

Grape variety: 100% Grenache

Wine- making: Vintage is processed in open-air thermo-regulated vats, in order to allow also trampling together with emptying-refilling technique. The extraction of color and substance is intense. The juice extracted after fermentation and the one extracted after press are joined together for the last fermentation. Maturation lasts a year, and then wine is being bottled.
Wine is being bottled at the domain


Harvest by hand  
Temperature when served: 15°C   
Preservation time: 15 years
Bottle “Graville” from the company of Saverglass.

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